Sporting Fit is a Staffordshire based company that was started in 2012. Sporting fit was started with a clear vision, the promotion of health through education, both academic and physical. Our first class session are delivered by professional, passionate and fun coaches that have plenty of experience and are driven to succeed in all aspects of our service. 

Our mission 

To get children aged 4-13 more active, more healthy, playing more sports and having more fun! 
Sporting Fit was created by Dan Holland. “I am from a sports and fitness background having been a qualified personal trainer and a sports coach I decided to start Sporting Fit to make a huge difference to children’s lives. With more children developing health issues every year and child obesity on the rise we are determined to change the face of sport to help prevent this. Our sessions are not only extremely fun for children and socially beneficial for them, but are very effective." 
We are not just coaches but fitness professionals too! 
We combine both sports and fitness giving schools and parents RESULTS! 
In our coaching sessions we don’t just aim to improve children’s knowledge of sport and improve their skills, we aim to improve aspects such as their fitness, self-esteem and confidence, and their overall participation!